LA Laura Paris releases her new single “Kissing Boys”, and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community

Often nicknamed “The French Madonna” in France and Belgium where she originates from, LA Laura Paris is a Pop-Electro, multi talented artist who does it all : a singer-songwriter, composer, musician, DJ producer, choreographer, and Film Director.

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Music video produced and directed by LA Laura Paris, between Los Angeles, Burning Man and Paris, from 2021 to 2022.




This new single is about the sensation of kissing someone, from discovering one another and the feeling inside our body. 

The explosion of energy and the chemistry revealed. The indescribable electricity of two people, and the enjoyment, sensation, tenderness and love filling our body while kissing.

“I love kissing, it makes me feel alive. It's such a magical feeling to discover someone new for the first time. The first Kiss is so important, it can reveal everything about someone, if the person is shy, passionate, tender, wild.. I was inspired to compose Kissing Boys while partying  in the Electro pop scene of Ibiza and Paris. I wanted to translate the sensation of kissing someone in this environment.” –LA Laura Paris

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